Get a mobile solution for temporary or barrier-free parking

Knowing that not all car parks are equipped with parking and barrier systems that allow automatic or self-service check-in of parkers, has joined forces with MPLA to offer a mobile app for event operators and temporary or unmanned barrier-free car parks. Thanks to this app, parking attendants can quickly and easily record the RZs of arriving and departing cars and collect parking fees from them transparently.

Furthermore, the link to allows a large number of arriving and departing vehicles with valid reservations to be checked quickly.
The online parking booking option is an ideal additional service for any event. Not only will it make the visitors’ journey easier and more enjoyable, but above all it will speed up traffic and on-site parking collection.

How does it work?

Accept online bookings and payments

Those interested in parking create online bookings and pay for them in advance through, making sure they park on site. You can place the form for a paid parking reservation wherever you need it – for example, on your website or social networks.

Offer on-site parking without a reservation

Drivers can park in a temporary or unmanned valet car park without a reservation. When they arrive and depart, the attendant simply uses the MPLA app to retrieve their car’s registration number and calculate the parking fee. Everything is thus quickly and transparently recorded.

Keep everything under control

The MPLA app offers a checking feature that allows managers to quickly check whether all cars in the car park have a valid reservation or a paid parking session in progress.

Want to know more?

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