Let your vacancies earn

Let your vacant spaces earn value by offering your parking spaces for rent through the most advanced marketplace platform in the Czech Republic and Slovakia specialized in parking.

A personalized plan for your parking lot

The most advanced technical solution with API to connect directly to the parking system allows you to offer your parking lot to a wide range of potential clients. In conjunction with us, you can expand your portfolio and implement business models that were previously unavailable to you for commercial or operational reasons.

Hourly parking

Drivers appreciate a flexible parking offer and are happy to book for a specific time slot. MYPARKIG.IO is the first smart parking system on the Czech market that allows you to book hourly parking.

Medium-term parking

Many parking clients’ needs do not fall within the pricing policy of standard car parks. Create new products for them and offer them parking at an attractive price, for example for the duration of their hotel stay.

Personalised parking

Come up with an offer to meet the needs of drivers who would like to reserve their parking space seasonally, only for the night time, or even on weekends. With access via MYPARKING.io you don’t have to deal with RFID cards, keys or contracts.

The widest range of business models

With MYPARKING.io you have the possibility to accept bookings from B2B partners and have individual prices for them, the booking form can be placed on your website and of course our own marketing page is at your disposal to generate new paying clients. We have appropriate business models for different booking scenarios to suit your needs and requirements.

Clear reporting and billing

With MYPARKING.io you have complete control over your parking occupancy and revenue. In addition, at the end of each month we take care of the clear accounting and you book all transactions in one summary document.

What returns can you expect?

Tell us about your car park and we will calculate the potential revenue from online bookings.