With MYPARKING.io you can be sure to park safely

MYPARKING.io allows you to secure parking before you arrive at your destination.


Find the best parking

Type where you’re going into the search engine and our Parking Marketplace will show you all the suitable parking spaces. Once you’ve selected a car park, choose your scheduled arrival and departure times to check prices and availability.



Book your space easily and online

Do you like to plan ahead? Or do you have to deal with last-minute arrangements?
With MyParking.io you can book parking whenever you want – even on the day of arrival!


Safe, comfortable and quiet

As soon as you confirm your booking, you’re done. We’ll email you a clear parking card with instructions for your chosen parking space, including the exact coordinates, so that the navigation will take you directly to the entrance!


Contact us


Our customer service line is here for you and will be happy to help answer any questions you may have!

Call: +420 734 204 321
Email: info@myparking.io